Kun Faya Kun !!

Kun Faya Kun

Firm believer that one word, one book or one song has the power to completely transform one’s life, at least my life is set on a spiritual path after reading one book (40 Rules of love )and by one word *Kun Faya Kun *.
40 Rules of love led to introspection and realisation of negativity within my soul with determination to eliminate all the negative adjective from my life. To embark on spiritual path I needed more guidance than reading a very thought-provoking book, it did cause the turmoil in my soul but didn’t set it free as life with all its distraction kept me anchored to shore,didn’t allow me on the journey within me  but who can deny the mysterious working ways of  ALLAH, despite my every effort life was not going the way I planned and hoped for leading to despair. In month of Ramadan came the true blessing when one evening I was intrigued by a background music of one advert, was a sufi music which was not new to my ears but didn’t remember the lyrics so here came the internet in a disguised blessing , song was *Kun faya kun*, inability to understand the meaning led to further search and saw the above image which was not less than a miracle, the instant I saw meaning of * Kun Faya Kun* all worries vanished into thin air, my soul became so light, my heart was singing Hakuna matata as Allah is there to shape my destiny as HE is the greatest planner of all and if Allah has intended something meaningful for us, He will surely make our paths to it, all we need to do is to keep our faith in His divine power and His plans and timing.

Having a curious soul can open up a new dimension in one’s life.

Hakuna matata !!!!!!!

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